Royal mail, FDC

Royal mail, FDC
FDC with 10 stamps and cancellation, 1.2.2007

Marine life, series5

Marine life, series5
Malyasia FDC with catchet,10.11.2001

cocos killings FDC

cocos killings FDC
fish, 17.2.1999

Kiribati FDC

Kiribati FDC
Pet Ornamental fish,28.2.2002

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oceaongraphic Museum

Marine musuem in Monaco-Ville-Monaco
The museum houses remarkable collection of various species of sea fauna both stuffed and skeltal form. It also have great variety of sea related objects includeing ship model, sea animal skelton, tools asnd weapons.
400 fish species and 200 families of invertebrates showcases a spectracular array of flora and fauna representing Mediterranean and Tropical ecosystem.
Sent by a friend from Russia

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Aquatic plants also known as Hydrophytes that have adapted to living in or aquatic environment. Vascular plants are ferns or angiosperms where as marine sea weed are not only vascular plants but multicellular algae.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sent by friend from NORWAY, valuable Fish Phila materials
Scomber scombrus, Scombridae family, Mackerel fish, leaves for 20 years and fork length, 45 -50 cm
Oranus orca, Killer whale, largest whale, Delphinidae family

Sea wolf , Atlantic catfish Anarthicas lupus, 5ft long 18-20 kg weight

Squat Lobster (10 cm size) leaves under rocks of sea belong to family Galatheidae Aquatic organism Sea Slug in Marine environment

Bobtail squid (Sepiolidae family)

Shrimp Lobster Ox-crab

NORWAY have good commercial value