Royal mail, FDC

Royal mail, FDC
FDC with 10 stamps and cancellation, 1.2.2007

Marine life, series5

Marine life, series5
Malyasia FDC with catchet,10.11.2001

cocos killings FDC

cocos killings FDC
fish, 17.2.1999

Kiribati FDC

Kiribati FDC
Pet Ornamental fish,28.2.2002

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Star fish Firstday cover

Star Fish are Echnidormes belonging to Class Asteriodea. There are 1800 species of Star Fish available in Sea & many are not discovered till date became a mystery for the human beings.Some of the better known sea star are

  • Blue sea star

  • Carpet sea star

  • Comb sea star

  • Common sea star

  • Crown of thrones sea star

  • Eleven armed sea star

  • Japanese sea star

  • Ochre sea star

  • Pin cushion sea star

  • Pink sea star

Features of SEA STAR ARE

  1. It has radial symmetry

  2. Five or more arms radiating central body

  3. Have spiky skin

  4. Move on tube feet

  5. Regenerate lost arm

  6. Mostly found in tropical or temperate sea

  7. Habitat of shallow water, coral reef, estuaries, rocky bottoms, rocky pools below low tide.

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